Lonesome Dove Opens To Full House

Lonesome Dove, popular miniseries that had Robert Duvall in the role of Captain Augustus had a great reunion on March 31 at the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards River Ranch, and the event was to packed houses. The series talks about two Texas rangers who are on 2,500 miles cattle drive from the Rio Grande to Montana. It is based on a book by Larry McMurtry.

This event will mark the 25th anniversary of Lonesome Dove miniseries. Despite the event being announced less than a month, the response was awesome informed Romana Kelly, Wittliff Collections and Texas State University in San Marco. She is the development director. Within two week’s time of ticket sales 87 tables were sold, each table has ten seats. The ticket sales were so fast that there was a waiting list, and the possibility of shifting to a new venue was ruled out.

Moreover, the venue was committed, and no other place was suitable for the event. The reason for selecting the venue was its Western Motif. Kelly said that the event organizers were simply flowed by the location. The highlight of the event is that it will bring on the center stage cast and crew of the series that includes Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones among others. The event organizers have decided to share the benefits of the event with Wittliff Tomorrow Fund and Wittliff Collections that pioneers in educational, creative and archival apart from furthering the region’s cultural history through photographic and literary arts at the Texas state University.

The event includes museum exhibition, the screen of miniseries at the Sundance Square Plaza for two nights, discussion with the cast of the series and symposium. There is also an exhibition of costumes, photographs, props and properties used in the series that were loaned from the production house. These are permanently owned by Wittliff Collections.

The public can take part in the activities, but they have to purchase tickets for certain events. For some events, the tickets are free and will be sold at the venue of the event informs Kelly. There are events planned for the Cattle Raisers Museum, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Fort Worth Library, Sid Richardson Museum, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame and Texas Christian University.

Wild Horse

Robert Duvall will never grow tired of cowboy roles despite being in his 80s. He has written a cowboy drama for himself that he directed called the White Horse. Here Duvell plays the big Texas ranch owner, and his character name is Scott Briggs. In the film, he has three sons played by Josh Hartnett and James Franco. The story revolves around finding out the ranch hand Jamie, who disappears. The movie is not only mysterious but humorous as well. Robert Duvall has done a similar role in The Apostle, and the influence is greater in the White Horse.

The movie sometimes loses luster due to snags in the plot. Though there can be no denying the fact that the best of Duvall was showcased in the film where he is seen representing a completely different era. The father-son relationship stiffens, and the different moods of love and sin are portrayed. His grownup sons are constantly at tug of wars with the Cowboys. Some events are scattered that it does not make sense when the film comes together. The character of Duvall in the film is about a gun-toting rancher who calls upon his sons to dispose his 40,000 acres of property. The element of surprise comes in when the property is divided into four instead of three.

Ben is the black sheep of the family, and he will be caught red-handed in an intimate relationship with the ranch hand Jimmy. Since then the boy goes missing and all of a sudden his mother seeks the help of Duvall to locate the missing boy. The film is about the crusty patriarch. He realizes his end has arrived and tries to make up for his mistakes. The film depicts the weakening patriarch showing the inability to mount his horse. The film has some violence and hence was rated R.

BAD JUDGE -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: (l-r) John Ducey as Tom, Kate Walsh as Rebecca -- (Photo by: John Fleenor/NBC)

The film is a family melodrama with courtroom scenes. The film is about a champion who was denied entry into the big league due to the uneducated choice of the selectors. The movie has some real solid cast with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall, who are placed opposite each other in this film. Downey plays the Chicago defense attorney and Duvall, an estranged father. All eyes are set on Duvall for his remarkable performance in the film. The film has all the elements ranging from emotion to thriller. The screenwriting is comprehensive. The film has its dose of humor. The best of humor is delivered by Vera Farmiga, who plays the girlfriend of Hank.

The role of Hank’s brothers is played by Vincent D’Onofrio and Jeremy Strong. The diversion comes in the form of a strained relationship between Hank and his father. As far as the performance of Duvall is concerned it is an example of how screen acting should be. Whether it is sentimental or extreme moments, there is no matching the actor’s style. He dominates in the film just like any of his other films. His presence is impeccable and needs no corrections. He is an authority on the subject.

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