Wild Horse Review

Wild Horse

Robert Duvall will never grow tired of cowboy roles despite being in his 80s. He has written a cowboy drama for himself that he directed called the White Horse. Here Duvell plays the big Texas ranch owner, and his character name is Scott Briggs. In the film, he has three sons played by Josh Hartnett and James Franco. The story revolves around finding out the ranch hand Jamie, who disappears. The movie is not only mysterious but humorous as well. Robert Duvall has done a similar role in The Apostle, and the influence is greater in the White Horse.

The movie sometimes loses luster due to snags in the plot. Though there can be no denying the fact that the best of Duvall was showcased in the film where he is seen representing a completely different era. The father-son relationship stiffens, and the different moods of love and sin are portrayed. His grownup sons are constantly at tug of wars with the Cowboys. Some events are scattered that it does not make sense when the film comes together. The character of Duvall in the film is about a gun-toting rancher who calls upon his sons to dispose his 40,000 acres of property. The element of surprise comes in when the property is divided into four instead of three.

Ben is the black sheep of the family, and he will be caught red-handed in an intimate relationship with the ranch hand Jimmy. Since then the boy goes missing and all of a sudden his mother seeks the help of Duvall to locate the missing boy. The film is about the crusty patriarch. He realizes his end has arrived and tries to make up for his mistakes. The film depicts the weakening patriarch showing the inability to mount his horse. The film has some violence and hence was rated R.

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